Documents Required For Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration is a compulsory procedure to certify the marriage as a legitimate marriage. Both bride and bridegroom should present at the time of registration with the witness for both sides. So the registration should be done for all religion marriage. The marriage registration can be registered as solemnized marriage which means registration after marriage or else it can be registered before marriage. During the registration, the husband and wife should submit the documents required for marriage registration. Without the documents, the registrar won’t accept to register their marriage and certificate will not be provided. So documents are must to register.

In Tamil Nadu marriage registration, the documents required for marriage registration covers identity proof, age proof and marriage proof from both sides of the parties. The documents mentioned below should be self-attested excluding the photos.

1.    Identity & Address Proof (any one) – Ration Card / Employee ID Card / Driving License / Passport or Visa

2.    Age Proof (any one) – Birth Certificate / School or College Certificate / Passport or Visa

3.    Marriage Proof (any one) – Wedding Invitation / Temple Marriage Receipts / any proof of Marriage Solemnization

4.    Photo – 4 Passport size photos of both husband and wife. Also a marriage ceremony photograph

5.    Witness Proof – Three witness with their Aadhaar Card or ID proof and passport size photo

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